Blood Lines of Lake Silelye

Questioned and set free
you are sooooooo lucky...

Our intrepid party returned from the lion hunt to be questioned by Rama the sphynx and the Captain of the Guard. They finish up business in town and head up to the port-town of Codsworth. Upon arrival they set about getting rooms and finding a ship. Ol’ Blue is the captain to whom they are directed as no one else is sailing south. Drugging the barbarian and incidentally the bard, the party boards the ship and sets sail for South Point. Prior to making dock at South Point, Gwenna throws Kildarin overboard for drugging her and getting her on this ship. Fortunately, a mermaid or lake-elf helps the dwarf make shore.

Out of the crypt and into the party

Zook plays a massivly successful show at the Appledown Inn.

The party attends the first House, Arborea’s Fall Festival opener soiree’. A beautiful party they give too, complete with Royal attendees. Much dancing and merriment is had.

In the morning, Arafel (having spent the night with Lailas do Arborea) wakes with a terrible stomach ache. Lailas summons the house cleric who determines that Arafel was poisoned and heals her.

Zook receives an urgent message from Lavendar that the king’s foxes are investigating a recent goings on in the crypt… The party then decides now may be a good time to make themselves scarce and go lion hunting out on the Savannah.

The Crypt of Neldorcheb
finding the key in the elf-stack...

Upon descending from the heights of the city, our intrepid party sees the changing of the crypt guards. A dark sphinx and two half-orc monks, who are an hour late for duty. The sphinx is giving them a good tongue lashing, yet they still manage to hear the party as they try to sneak past. The monks come forward and inquire to the nature of this late-night jaunt. The cleric Verdan tells the guards that he has a family member to who he must pay homage and a commoner’s body (in a portable-hole cloth) that he must lay to rest (morgue duty, he shrugs.) The monks assess the party and let them on their way through the large port-cullis that secures the entry. The team descends, leaving the cleric to attend to his duties in the burial prep room. Once past the sleeping glyph (which Gwenna smashed) the main chamber is a mass-grave area for commoners and the like… it ends in two halls. Going to the left hall ends in a secret door and a large puddle (enter the grey ooze.) Past the secret door is a long tunnel that swoops down and to the right and brings the party up under the main chapel to Corellon that serves mourning families. A quick search reveals nothing unusual so the party heads down the hall to see what might be a great map… it is a map which marks out the path of roots so that the catacombs may be constructed with least disruption to the trees. the party then doubles back and sees a hall branching off to the left. Travelling down that corridor, the party sees two great sets of doors (spread a distance from each other) on the left and one small door on the right. The bard determines that the two double doors mark tombs for noble families and warriors. They take a look in the noble hold, but no royal crest is present. The group then decides to enter the smaller door and enters the small royal family chapel (also serves as a chapel for clerical rights) and finds marks of the royal crest indicating the above. Following another door they entered the royal tombs room. A huge royal crest with the family tree inscribed upon it loomed at one end… while walking around Gwenna discovered a secret door. Upon accidentally speaking the password they were able to enter into a secret tomb room. Here the party discovers a mummy guardian and the seven sided box-like tomb key kept in a portable hole (pondering if there is a 4th key, as they see a place for another shape on the three tombs in this room.) The party then takes leave of the crypt, picking up the cleric as he finishes his duties. They make their way back up to the city to rest for what is left of the night.

The next day, the party does a little shopping, a little proselytizing and hanging around. The paladin takes the half-nymph to his temple to have his curse removed, which is done successfully. the party reconvenes along with Lavendar Paige and Lailas do’Arborea at the Appledown in that evening to watch Zook perform in his biggest show yet!

Adventure in Neldorcheb
discovering Neldorcheb

The cleric, Verdan, received notice from his superiors that he was to travel with his adventuring companions south to the Elven city of Neldorcheb to find an important key. While the cleric made arrangements for travel by boat, due to Gwena’s fear of water, the rest of the party opted to take the overland route south to Neldorcheb. Passing through the city of Millerstan, the party headed south through the Mornen Swamp lands of the river Morfinduin (or Black Hair) braving mosquito swarms, leeches, stirges, crocodiles and green hags. Making their way out of the swamp with soggy boots and spirits they came upon a vast plain, a lovely savannah… filled with shocker lizards, badgers, twigjacks and gnolls. Three weary weeks of hard travel behind them they came upon a great city of trees… the city of Neldorcheb.

Inside the city gates was an interesting combination of waggon lifts, stairs and rope ladders to reach the first layer of the city of Neldorcheb. The city is ancient and a well established merchant district lies there-in as trade flows into the city from all parts of the lake valley. Wide-plank streets and boardwalks along with various rope bridges connect the ancient trees wherein dwell and work all classes and races of the city. Magical protection is old and strong, though it does not appear to be a fortified city. There are ample city guards and military personnel throughout the area.

The party gathered itself and began to use their contacts in the city to find out more about Aran Celebros do’Neldor and the object of their quest…

They now go search for a key in the city’s vast ancient crypt…

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